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Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner: 100% Premium Henna

Because henna coats and seals the hair shaft, it helps protect the hair from damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine, wind and pollution in the environment.

Our Henna comes in 10 different beautiful shades. Choose from 3 red variations. Red, Light Red and Bright Red. We also carry Black, Auburn, Chestnut, Burgundy and 3 shades of Brown. Light Brown, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.
Read and follow enclosed instructions to ensure proper results. Always strand test for color prior to full application.
Ingredients: 100% Premium henna.

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Natural Hair Color

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner Red: 100% Premium Henna

Henna coats each hair shaft with a natural, semi-permanent protein called hennatannic acid. Heat causes the hennatannic acid to cling to the proteins found in the hair (or nails and skin, if desired). It can help minimize split ends and acts as “hair insurance” if you spend a lot of time in the sun, surf or wind. In addition to protecting the hair shaft, henna will tighten the hair cuticle and create a more solid surface which reflects light; the result is gleaming, lustrous hair.

Rather than producing dramatic color changes, henna enhances and deepens existing color. The darker your natural color, the less drastic the change will be inyour natural color. Because the color from henna is transparent or “see-through,” henna cannot lighten dark hair; it will, however, add highlights to dark hair and can darken the color of lighter hair.

Free Of PPD, ammonia, peroxides, chemicals and contaminants.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Red, Light Red, Bright Red, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Black, Auburn, Burgundy


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