Natural Hair Color

  • $14.95

    Light Mountain Henna Hair Color The Gray – 7 fl oz

    Color your hair the natural way. No more toxic hair colors and beautiful, healthy hair. Natural Henna Hair Color is free Of PPD, ammonia, peroxides, chemicals and contaminants.

    • No Chemicals–Cruelty Free–Safe
    • Natural Hair Color–Effective and Economical–100% Pure Botanical Hair Color
    • Hair Color and Conditioner–No Animal Testing–Money Back Guarantee
    • Free Of Harsh Peroxide or Ammonia.

    Our Henna comes in 3 different beautiful shades. Choose from  Red, Chestnut and Mahogany.

  • natural hair color

    Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner

    Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner: 100% Premium Henna

    Because henna coats and seals the hair shaft, it helps protect the hair from damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine, wind and pollution in the environment.

    Our Henna comes in 10 different beautiful shades. Choose from 3 red variations. Red, Light Red and Bright Red. We also carry Black, Auburn, Chestnut, Burgundy and 3 shades of Brown. Light Brown, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.
    Read and follow enclosed instructions to ensure proper results. Always strand test for color prior to full application.
    Ingredients: 100% Premium henna.