• palm wax candlepalm wax candle

    Aloha Bay Candle Palm Wax Candle – 8 oz

    Aloha Palm Wax Candle Jars are the world’s first Rainforest Alliance certified candle line made of Eco Palm Wax sourced from certified organic palm groves in South America.

    • Eight ounces each.
    • Burn time is 40 hours.
    • The decorative black wooden lid serves as a base for the jar. Just place the lid upside-down on your table and position the jar on top of it.
    • Double cotton wicks for clean and steady burn.
    • Post-consumer cardboard box.
  • $9.96

    Natures Truth Essential Oils

    100% Pure Essential Oils

    Nature’s Truth® 100% pure essential oils are distilled from plant sources such as leaves, flowers, stems, and roots using expert methods. Each oil offers its own unique scent and benefits in aromatherapy. Enjoy these oils on their own, blend with one another in a diffuser, or even create luxurious massage oils using base oils!

  • Via Nature Essential Oil

    Via Nature Essential Oil Blends

    5 Via Nature Essential Oil Blends: Breath, Energize, Immunity Support, Purification & Relaxation (1 fl oz/30mL each )

    BREATHE EASY – 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Benefits: Supports easy breathing.

    ENERGIZE – 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Benefits: Uplifts, energizes the body, revitalizes the spirit

    IMMUNITY SUPPORT – 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Benefits: Care for your immune system, use in cold and flu season.

    PURIFICATION – 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Benefits: Rejuvenates body, purifies spirit. Refreshing scent, neutralizes odors.

    RELAXATION – 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Benefits: Relax, refresh stressed body, mind, cheers the spirit.