Personal Care

  • palm wax candlepalm wax candle

    Aloha Bay Candle Palm Wax Candle – 8 oz

    Aloha Palm Wax Candle Jars are the world’s first Rainforest Alliance certified candle line made of Eco Palm Wax sourced from certified organic palm groves in South America.

    • Eight ounces each.
    • Burn time is 40 hours.
    • The decorative black wooden lid serves as a base for the jar. Just place the lid upside-down on your table and position the jar on top of it.
    • Double cotton wicks for clean and steady burn.
    • Post-consumer cardboard box.
  • net pot

    Ancient Secrets Neti Pot Nasal Cleansing

    This Neti Pot is crafted from sturdy, lead-free ceramic and coated with food-grade sealant glaze. The practice of nasal irrigation, known as Neti, has been used by practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda in India for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

  • $21.95

    Andalou Naturals Clarifying, Brightening & Age Defying Kit

    Andalou Naturals Skin Care with Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science renews skin at the cellular level, blending nature and knowledge for visible Age-Defying, Brightening and Clarifying results.Visible Age-Defying, Brightening and Clarifying results.

  • baby body washbaby body wash lavendar

    Baby Oh Baby Oatmeal Bath & Body Wash

    Rainbow Research – Baby Oh Baby Herbal Body Wash

    Rainbow Research Baby Oh Baby Body Wash gently cleans baby’s body without drying delicate skin. Made with Vitamins A and E and organic extracts of Calendula (Marigold), Chamomile, and Lemon Grass. Unscented Fragrance Free Formula great for sensitive, dry or irritated skin . Is great for Kids, Babies and Adults too!

  • beeswax candles

    Beeswax Candles

    Beeswax candles are a great way to soothe your body and mind. You’ll love our 2 pack box of Wally’s Ear Company Hollow Beeswax Candles with its soothing crackling and popping sound as it burns.

  • $18.00

    Burt’s Bees Facial Towelettes

    3 Packs of 30 Towelettes

    Experience these great face wipes for all skin types. Remove make-up, cleanse and tone in one easy step. These wipes are infused with White Tea which is high in vitamins, Cucumber that is calming and soothing Aloe. You can give your skin the care it needs no matter where you are.

    • Removes dirt, oil and make-up without rinsing.
    • Formulated with White Tea and Cucumber Extracts.
    • Dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested.
    • FSC Certified, natural fabric.

  • natural washcloth

    Flower Valley Natural Washcloth Agave Fiber

    From the hands of a native people and heart of a sacred tradition, the quality and value of the ayate has endured and will survive well into the future. Try it and you’ll see.

  • Reusable Cotton Bags

    Flower Valley Reusable Cotton Bags – 36 bags

    Flower Valley Reusable Cotton Bags holds enough of your herb and spice blends to make a large pot. Add to water, cider, or wine.

    Cook with fine herbs. Put bay, chives tarragon, pepper corns or garlic cloves in a Cotton Bag for a recoverable seasoning in soups and stews.

    Bath Herbs. For a relaxing bath, fill Cotton Bag with Chamomile or Lavender Flowers; for a stimulating bath use Peppermint Leaves. Let bag hang under hot running water. Simply throw herbs away after use, rinse bag, and reuse.

  • honey Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizercalendula lotion

    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Honey Calendula – 16 fl oz

    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer

    An ancient remedy for superior moisturizing. Highly recommended for dry and chapped skin. Honey attracts moisture from the air and calendula is especially effective for healing and soothing. Honey and Calendula are blended with a variety of special herbs and flowers to bring you the best that nature has to offer for dry, distressed skin.

    • Ultra Moisturizer
    • For extra dry skin
    • Paraben Free
    • ph Balanced
    • 100% Biodegradable


  • olive aloe lotion

    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Olive and Aloe


    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Olive and Aloe Description:

    • Natural
    • For Sensitive Skin
    • Paraben Free

    Olive Oil has been used for centuries to care for the skin, while Aloe Vera has long been acclaimed for its soothing properties. The two have been blended with a rich assortment of herbs and flowers renowned for their benefits to the skin.
    Free Of Animal ingredients, parabens, animal testing and artificial colors. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • vitamin a and e lotion

    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Vitamins A & E – 16 fl oz

    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Vitamins A and E Description:

    • Do what comes naturally
    • Nourishing Formula
    • Paraben Free

    We have combined vitamin A and vitamin E with moisture rich Grape Seed Oil and soothing Aloe Vera, the healing plant. Selected herbs and flowers have been added to further soften and nourish. The results: an extra-rich formula to ensure maximum moisture and healthy, beautiful skin!

  • $14.95

    Light Mountain Henna Hair Color The Gray – 7 fl oz

    Color your hair the natural way. No more toxic hair colors and beautiful, healthy hair. Natural Henna Hair Color is free Of PPD, ammonia, peroxides, chemicals and contaminants.

    • No Chemicals–Cruelty Free–Safe
    • Natural Hair Color–Effective and Economical–100% Pure Botanical Hair Color
    • Hair Color and Conditioner–No Animal Testing–Money Back Guarantee
    • Free Of Harsh Peroxide or Ammonia.

    Our Henna comes in 3 different beautiful shades. Choose from  Red, Chestnut and Mahogany.

  • natural hair color

    Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner

    Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner: 100% Premium Henna

    Because henna coats and seals the hair shaft, it helps protect the hair from damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine, wind and pollution in the environment.

    Our Henna comes in 10 different beautiful shades. Choose from 3 red variations. Red, Light Red and Bright Red. We also carry Black, Auburn, Chestnut, Burgundy and 3 shades of Brown. Light Brown, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.
    Read and follow enclosed instructions to ensure proper results. Always strand test for color prior to full application.
    Ingredients: 100% Premium henna.

  • vanilla hemp protein powdervanilla hemp protein powder

    Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder

    Non-GMO Vegan & Healthy hemp protein powder. Comes in three delicious flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla and Original. All available in the Happy Healthy Living Store!


  • $9.96

    Natures Truth Essential Oils

    100% Pure Essential Oils

    Nature’s Truth® 100% pure essential oils are distilled from plant sources such as leaves, flowers, stems, and roots using expert methods. Each oil offers its own unique scent and benefits in aromatherapy. Enjoy these oils on their own, blend with one another in a diffuser, or even create luxurious massage oils using base oils!

  • $14.95

    Thinkbaby BPA Free No Spill Sippy Cup, 9 Ounce

    Have you been searching for that perfect sippy cup? You know, the one that can be thrown across the room, cleaned off and put back into the future fast pitch hands of your adoring toddler. thinkbaby’s durable eco-friendly sippy cup has parents all over encouraging their toddler’s golden arm.

    Free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET, copolyesters and biologically harmful chemicals.