• himalayan salt lamp

    Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamp – Medium – 1 Lamp

    Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamps are hand carved salt products from the Himalaya Mountains of Pakistan.

    The warmth and natural beauty of the glow provided by these lamps makes them a wonderful accent for any room, as well as an outstanding and much appreciated gift for friends and loved ones.
  • $16.00

    Fit and Fresh One Cup Chill Container

    These are great portion control containers for taking just the right portion size of happy and healthy food on the go. The  ice packs snaps into the lid to keep food chilled and fresh and it is removable, reusable and non-toxic. There are large tabs on the lids to facilitate easy opening. This set comes with 4 one cup containers 4 lids and 2 ice packs. The food containers are reusable, easy to clean, freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe.

  • natural washcloth

    Flower Valley Natural Washcloth Agave Fiber

    From the hands of a native people and heart of a sacred tradition, the quality and value of the ayate has endured and will survive well into the future. Try it and you’ll see.

  • raw coconut oil

    Health Support Raw Coconut Oil – 15.3 oz

    Coconut Oil is an MCT oil which is rich in Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid. Coconut Oil promotes healthy thyroid function, reduces hypoglycemic cravings and may improve symptoms of digestive disorders. When used topically, this pure Coconut Oil promotes smooth silky skin. Coconut oil is perfect moisturizer, make-up remover and is a naturally pure eye make-up remover.

    • MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides)
    • Extra Virgin
    • Cold Pressed
    • Unrefined
    • Superior Quality for Maximum Effectiveness
    • Internal/External
    • Superior Quality for Maximum Effectiveness!
    • No GMO
    • 100% Vegetarian

    This Diet Miracle May Help you Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss. A Healthy Saturated Fat!

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • olive aloe lotion

    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Olive and Aloe


    Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Olive and Aloe Description:

    • Natural
    • For Sensitive Skin
    • Paraben Free

    Olive Oil has been used for centuries to care for the skin, while Aloe Vera has long been acclaimed for its soothing properties. The two have been blended with a rich assortment of herbs and flowers renowned for their benefits to the skin.
    Free Of Animal ingredients, parabens, animal testing and artificial colors. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • natural hair color

    Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner

    Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner: 100% Premium Henna

    Because henna coats and seals the hair shaft, it helps protect the hair from damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine, wind and pollution in the environment.

    Our Henna comes in 10 different beautiful shades. Choose from 3 red variations. Red, Light Red and Bright Red. We also carry Black, Auburn, Chestnut, Burgundy and 3 shades of Brown. Light Brown, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.
    Read and follow enclosed instructions to ensure proper results. Always strand test for color prior to full application.
    Ingredients: 100% Premium henna.

  • $9.96

    Natures Truth Essential Oils

    100% Pure Essential Oils

    Nature’s Truth® 100% pure essential oils are distilled from plant sources such as leaves, flowers, stems, and roots using expert methods. Each oil offers its own unique scent and benefits in aromatherapy. Enjoy these oils on their own, blend with one another in a diffuser, or even create luxurious massage oils using base oils!

  • $32.47

    Organic India Turmeric – 90 Vegetarian Capsules

    Organic Turmeric is most likely to be the single most important herb for many health and dietary needs. This Organic Turmeric Supplement nourishes and cleanses the blood and lymph system, and promotes a healthy inflammation and immune response. Turmeric Formula also supports cellular health in the liver, skin, lungs, sinuses, joints, and digestive system.

    • Digestive Function
    • Heart Health
    • Healthy Immune Response
    • Joint and Muscle Health
  • yoga mat blue

    Thinksport Yoga Mat

    Black/Blue Ice

    ThinkSport offers safer products for healthier athletes! You won’t find any harmful materials in this mat! This mat differs from other mats in so many ways.

    • Safe Non-Toxic Materials – Free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Dioxins, and biologically toxic chemicals
    • High Performance TPE Material – Keeps you steady in the most demanding poses
    • More than 50% thicker than basic mats – Increased thickness (5mm) provides better support and comfort
    • Closed-cell Construction – Increased water, sweat, and bacteria resistance
    • Free of Latex and Rubber
    • Color: black/ ice
    • Dimensions: 24” x 72” x 1/5” (61cm x 183cm x 5mm)